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Discover the heart of Rwanda with Gukunda coffee, meaning 'love' in Kinyarwanda. This Fair Trade Maraba coffee, grown in Rwanda's fertile hills, showcases the dedication of local farmers to sustainable practices. Gukunda's unique flavor profile offers bright acidity, a smooth body, and notes of tropical fruit, citrus zest, and floral hints, with an inviting aroma of roasted caramel and spices. More than just coffee, Gukunda celebrates Rwandan culture and the spirit of its people, supporting the empowerment of local communities. Enjoy the rich, complex flavors of Gukunda coffee and embrace Rwanda's heritage with every cup.


Roast: Medium

Flavor notes: Bright, Smooth, Tropical Fruit,  Citrus Zest & Floral.

Origin: Rwanda

Whole Bean Coffee. Net wt. 12oz (340g)

GUKUNDA- Rwanda Coffee

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